We’re a future-focused group of video storytellers and digital artists based in Toronto. We partner with inspired minds, artists, brands and movements to craft powerful narratives that just might change the world.

It’s the dawn of Web 3.0 and the expressive power of the pixel is virtually limitless. As are civilization’s possibilities for a better and brighter future. Yet for all our shared knowledge and ingenuity, the Information Age remains as bewildering as it is brilliant. That’s why freshly imagined narratives about our rapidly advancing world are needed more than ever.

So we created Pixel Pi - a conceptual video production company with a pulse and a purpose. To capture the wonder and imagination of our kaleidoscopic times in pixel form. Our mission is to help grow exciting new culture across the arts, tech, science and the human condition, with unforgettable digital storycraft.

We work closely with forward-thinking brands, artists, startups and orgs to channel their bold ideas and dreams into moving cinematic experiences. We do that by continuously evolving our team and tools to innovate in concept development, video production services, animation and visual effects design.

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    • Conceptual

    Highly collaborative concept development for commercial, documentary and educational. Original scripts, visual treatments and pitches built for workable budgets.

    • Production Management

    Full project management from casting, contractual, crewing, locations and more.

    • Video Marketing

    Informed online strategy for enhanced reach, audience building and multi-platform outreach campaigns.

    • Video Production

    Flexible camera, lighting and audio packages for live, online or broadcast film and video productions.

    • Post-Production

    Full in-house project delivery from first assembly through final cut: film transfer, colour grade, archival sourcing, voiceover, sound design, subtitling.

    • VFX / Animation

    Custom visual assets and animated storytelling from title sequences and 3D character modelling to branded bumpers and infographics.