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Think Digital.

Think Infinite.

It’s the dawn of Web 3.0. The expressive power of the pixel is virtually limitless. As are civilization’s possibilities for a better and brighter future. Yet for all our shared knowledge and ingenuity, the present moment is as bewildering – and bonkers – as it is brilliant! That’s why freshly imagined narratives about our rapidly advancing world are needed more than ever.

Pixel Pi exists to explore and champion new paths of digital expression, future-focused innovation and positive social change. We work closely with inspired brands, artists, startups and orgs to channel their bold ideas and dreams into moving cinematic experiences. We do that by continuously evolving our storytelling craft: video production, animation and web design.

And blending the collective adventure for new ideas with art, futurism and fun. Because in these strange times, we need to continue re-imagining who we are, where we’re going and how we might get there. To keep actively posing and reframing the question: What’s Next?




Video Production

Original concept development through writing, casting, shooting and post-production.

Graphic Design

Custom assets and data visualization: logos, bumpers, infographics and animations.

Web Dev

Sleek and stable modern websites for startups, innovators and storytellers.


The team at Pixel Pi has consistently been a pleasure to work with. They understand our brand and ‘get us’ – when we hire them it’s virtually a guarantee of a job well done.

Kyle Crockard, Content Manager UMusic

After working together on several video productions I have come to know a highly creative company that is also a pleasure to work with. They consistently offer a variety of conceptual and technical options, while staying mindful of our brand-specific outreach needs. In a word, I’d recommend them for moving visual storytelling.

Catherine Chang, Senior Communications Manager, National Ballet of Canada

Pixel Pi is a talented and extremely knowledgeable video production company. I've worked with them on a wide variety of commercial and online video productions over the past 7 years and I consistently recommend their services to clients in need.

Tony Del Rio, Producer, Wish Twice Productions

My involvement with Pixel Pi has primarily been related to EPK's on big feature films. They have always been nothing but calm and collected under immense pressure, while delivering excellent product at the same time. I couldn't recommend them more highly for your next project.

Jeff Gross, Producer, Shock and Awe Pictures

Working with Pixel Pi on my band Squid Lid's music video and mini documentary was a fluid and fun process. Their experience and capabilities with both equipment knowledge and understanding of taking an idea from concept to completed stages is an invaluable asset to every project they commit to.

James Zirco Fisher, Costume Designer & Composer

I was looking for highly creative video editing to create a video reel of commercial advertising work I've produced. Pixel Pi immediately understood the visual direction & concept I was looking for. They were very easy to work with, highly skilled, and didn't use a lot of technical jargon which made the workflow efficient, even pleasant. For superb video editing services, great pricing and pleasant customer service Pixel Pi comes highly recommended.

Marco Sobrevinas, Commercial Photographer

Making pixel pi


Play, experiment, dream big! Work with us to find the heart in your story and start creating to its rhythms. Together we’ll define the purpose, scope and technical craft for your vision so it grows into just what you imagined – at the cost you expected.


Work with our conceptual and project planning tools to start shaping the vision: storyboards, mockups, mind-maps, camera tests, holographic simulations. Okay, not holographic simulations…well, not yet anyway.


Work with our conceptual and project planning tools to start shaping the vision: storyboards, mockups, mind-maps, camera tests, holographic simulations. Okay, not holographic simulations…well, not yet anyway.


Execute the master plan with us inside a seamless interactive workflow. This is when the fancy cameras and lights get to shine, illustrations come alive, directors direct, coders code… and where you, the mastermind of it all, get to watch your idea become a reality!


After all the toil and magic of fashioning a digital gem from thin air, it’s time to refine it into the best possible version of itself that it can be. We do that with an uber-clicking, troubleshooting pre-release polishing until your sparkling treasure is ready for its stunning debut.


After all the toil and magic of fashioning a digital gem from thin air, it’s time to refine it into the best possible version of itself that it can be. We do that with an uber-clicking, troubleshooting pre-release polishing until your sparkling treasure is ready for its stunning debut.

Ask Us Anything

What inspires your work the most?

Probably science and its relationship with art, particularly science fiction. There’s something so satisfying about the moment when science, in all its self-assured rule-making, has to admit it didn’t see something revolutionary coming. A lot of science fiction – or speculative fiction if you like – doesn’t get its projections right either. But when it does, it feels like magic!


With really good sci-fi storytelling it’s amazing to think that someone was able to sit down and imagine a new kind of world based on the effects of some unrealized technology; or think through the prophetic details of a cultural tidal wave suddenly surging up and crashing down on our traditions to change everything. It’s really something we aspire to – that is, taking the present moment’s latent potential and plugging it into the imaginary world of digital storytelling where anything is possible.
We’re constantly digging for these undiscovered fragments of brilliance out there that might refract some of the present moment’s scattered light – which, in the zany high-noon sun of the wild west web, is more blinding and kaleidoscopic than ever. The hope is that we can redirect some of these beams of light into novel projections, ideally, of a slightly more progressive and hope-inducing future.


And these future-focusing shards of awesomeness we’re hunting for? They could come from any number of people, places and disciplines. It could be a communications gadget that reduces the compulsive drag to our social media insanity, an art movement that hotwires broken down cliches or escapes the terrorism of genre, or just someone a progressive thinker thinking out loud about a radical new way of doing something.


So, in a way, I guess you could say we are inspired by the infinite horizons in our untapped collective imagination. The great promise in our genius for reshaping the world for ourselves. And then of course the ongoing adventure of following that wherever it leads, while figuring out how to turn each unique discovery into a meaningful, unforgettable story.

What video equipment do you use?

Production packages tend to be project-specific. Every project has its own special needs: from camera rigs and lights or specialty units (like steadicams or drones), to the workflow considerations through post-production. We’re all about the ‘Goldilocks’ approach of finding the best-suited toys and tools for each unique video production.


While any given video production requires custom equipment packages, we do have some basic rules of thumb and quality standards for all outings. First, it’s a top priority for us to achieve strikingly lit and dynamic compositions that serve the story – that goes for simple setups and ones requiring more complex elements alike. Higher resolutions can also be important when you bring your footage into the editing room for frame scaling, colour grading and effects work. It’s almost always better for final output too, even if you’re compressing for web in the end. So, we tend to shoot on 4K systems now, with a minimum of ProRes 4:2:2 as a base resolution.


That being said, the most crucial thing for us is really living up to any project vision by selecting the right arsenal for the task. You want to achieve the desired effects and impact without breaking the bank.That means not going overkill on rentals, staff and avoiding overly elaborate setups when simplicity will suffice. This is where resourceful art direction, an ingenious crew and solid project management can go just as far as elite gear for getting the production value you’re after. We think finding smart solutions to every artistic challenge is an underappreciated art in itself. And something our creative partners can attest we’ve gotten pretty crafty at.

Do you take on projects outside Toronto and the GTA?

In a word, yes. We are headquartered in Toronto, so much of the work we do is for creative partners around these parts. But we’ve produced work for clients across Canada in the US, Europe and Africa.


Globetrotting is one the most fun and horizon-expanding things we get to do so we welcome the chance to work with people and orgs from all over. Voyaging to remote places and creating awesome things with new friends is the ideal, of course. But we’ve developed and produced many works with distant clients in a fully cloud-based workflow from all the way over here. So unless you happen to live on the moon, rule nothing out before we can have a conversation about satisfying your digital desires. Nowadays, truly nothing is unthinkable in the pixelated universe and anything is possible!

Do you charge for initial concept development?

No, and then yes. Our first meeting of minds is always an open-ended conversation, a wish list debrief and all-out brainstorm. That’s our pleasure and completely free of charge. We want to get to know you a little and understand what you want to accomplish, what time-frame you have in mind and what storytelling medium / tools would work best.


But once we’ve mind-melded and agreed on a creative direction, more intensive development work begins. These critical aspects of pre-production – any writing, storyboarding, location scouting, website mapping, design mockups, etc – are all fluidly conceived on a needs-only and budget-sensitive basis. So again, that initial spitballing session and talking shop opportunity is so important in shaping the nature of any creative partnership being formed.