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We’re a spirited outfit of video storytellers and designers from Toronto, avidly exploring fresh possibilities for digital expression at the dawn of WEB 3.0. Our digital lab is a lot like the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland – only instead of smashing neutrons together in a really big tube to unlock the awesome secrets of physics, we crunch and combine pixels to discover the amazing colourful stories hiding inside them.

If you have a basic particle of a concept you’d like to run through our creative team’s idea collider, we live to develop original films & videos from the ground up with artists, brands, broadcasters, charities and entrepreneurs of all sizes and stripes. We offer the full gamut of video production services from our HQ in Toronto but we’ve partnered with many incredible folks and orgs from across Canada, the United States, Germany and the UK.



If you’re seeking dynamic video storytelling high in imagination, design insight and production value, give Pixel Pi a try. Remember, it’s the memorable idea behind any film or video production that casts its online fate. And since our first concept development phase happens to be free, why not put our imaginations to the test and see if we can’t find an inspired place to start? We defy you to stump us with a creative video solution we can’t handle.

We are a full service video production company specializing in the video productions below but we are infinitely open to all possibilities of the pixel.


Every new brand, product and company needs to inform the world not only that it exists, but that it deserves to. A successful, watchable video ad makes an impression instantly while blending art and information seamlessly. We stretch our imaginations so your online mind-candy is more than five seconds of “content” people squirm through before cursing and clicking ‘Skip This Ad’. We’re more than a commercial production company – we’re film-loving kids all grown up into storytelling professionals with a castle-sized supply of imagination to play with in our digital toy box. We’ll find that inspired idea you. Try us!


Reality is everything: it’s rough, inspiring, maddening, stranger than fiction and inevitably surprising. Our film production company started in the reality genre and it’s still the closest to our hearts. We try to take the topsy-turvy hairy ball of yarn that is this world and unwind it into something enlightening or entertaining, ideally both if we can. If you’re an iconoclastic public figure, diehard innovator, groundbreaking charity, social upheavalist or just an untold adventurer with an erratic pulse, believe us, we’ve been looking to tell your story. We think reality-based videos should take on the shape of their subject and be just as unconventional.


We can’t stress enough: with music videos it’s concept, concept, CONCEPT. The fun and appeal of the best music videos is that there are no rules governing what is creatively possible. This is left-field territory so the chance to push visual boundaries that play off the aural ones you’re already exploding should be seized. As a film production company that prides itself on originality of concept we love nothing more than throwing our noodles around until something sticks – so we amicably defy you to exhaust our supply of brain spaghetti.


Reality is one thing but making stuff up is maybe the most fun because you can tell any story in any way you want. We have loads of filmmaking experience from all angles – directing, screenwriting, casting, cinematography, sound recording, producing, picture editing, colour grading, effects design, musical scoring, rocketship launching…sorry, just seeing if you’re still reading. But truly, discovering stories and bringing them to the screen is our first, unconditional love. If you need production partnership on any level, we should talk.



Please enjoy our favorite moments from past film and video productions.

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Concept Development / Videography Services / Video Editing Services

Our greatest satisfaction in life as an online video company, our videos-operandi if you will, is finding new ways to render our design chops and cinematic tools into something truly watchable. For that, you need an inspired concept, the right digital toy box and passionate people who live to tell visual stories actually worth watching. You might say the badge we want to wear least is that of the generic ‘Content Creator’ – obvious video concepts devoid of charm and spirit seem to be lurking, nagging, popping up uninvited just about everywhere. So help us help you help us live up to our founding philosophy and creative prime directive:

Find what deserves the world’s attention





And glorify it with the cinematic craft and online mileage it deserves.

Production Stages


For digital sparks to fly, discovering the right creative vision is a must for any film or video project. That’s why we spitball and storyboard intimately with our partners until we’ve found a visual language and messaging style that feels true to the vision for everybody. As a rule of thumb, if you’re genuinely excited about a video’s conceptual direction yourself, that’s the best sign there is – this intangible sparkle in the creator’s eye tends to transmit through the screen to heads and hearts of viewers. After that crucial foundation for the video is laid, each element’s project appeal and cost is weighed – from casting and location scouting to prop hunts and practical effect design – to make sure the end product lives up to all its potential as well as your budget expectations. This is the map, the itinerary, the momentum that carries a project through the mayhem of production. Indispensable.


Once the core video concept and project design has the right personality, shooting and project management begins. We coordinate the talent and the technicians, assemble a suitable camera system with lighting package, and construct every shot meticulously until what was picture perfect in all our heads is actually “in the can”. Our on-set personnel all have deep experience and our videography services are crafted in a workflow environment that makes sense for your final distribution goals. As we collect the images and performances that will feed editing process, we take pains to include our creative partners in the process – either by having you collaborate on set, check in with crew and cast remotely via Skype, or with regular visual updates and emails.


The editing and effects design phase is where videos grow up and get ready to strut their stuff through the online ether. The story is stitched, the sound is mastered, the colour is corrected, as they say. Any image enhancement, infographics, animatics, or visual effects, as well as any voiceover recording, music composition or foley effects are also masterminded during this stage. All Pixel Pi video editing services are cross-checked and shaped in tandem with your creative input until you just feel like watching your new video over and over again. That’s when you know it’s ready to engage and delight your audiences.



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